While advertising brochures and videos on TV / on the Internet promise high quality of housing at low prices per m², EICO specialists are working, and for 10 years they have managed to build more than 138 objects , including:

building an EICO Construction group

  • apartment buildings (221,000 m² of housing)
  • shops
  • cottages
  • office buildings
  • children's and sports fields
  • federal roads
  • landscaping projects
  • hundreds of kilometers of engineering systems.

Thanks to well-coordinated work of employees “EICO”, hundreds of families in Ulyanovsk and the region were settled in new homes, but we do not intend to slow down the pace of development.

We work without help

In order for ordinary people of the city to allow themselves comfortable, comfortable housing, and not to spend at the same time crazy money, we made a decision not to involve third-party organizations , because it entails additional costs.

For this, we:

  • Get your own fleet of construction equipment
  • Refused the services of intermediaries and contractors
  • We agreed on direct cooperation with manufacturers of building materials, sanitary ware, electricians, etc.

As a result, EICO customers received:

  • One of the lowest prices in the region for the construction of multi-storey houses, cottages, landscaping, laying of utilities, road construction and other types of work
  • High quality of work performed, which is confirmed by reviews of people who bought our housing
  • Work within a specified time without delay and quality damage
  • Housing "turnkey" with connected roads, laid communications, green spaces and other benefits of civilization

"EICO Construction group" - we build on the conscience, we build for you

Awards and achievements of the company "EICO Construction group"

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