Construction of a residential quarter "Aquamarine"

Construction, improvement and landscaping of a residential complex on the Aquamoll embankment

Construction of a residential quarter "Aquamarine"


In our crazy time with its fast flowing and frequently changing events, any person wants to live in a spacious, bright apartment so that it will always be warm, relaxed and comfortable. But with the opportunity to choose, we stop our choice on that house, which is located in a quiet, prestigious area, where the territory is fully landscaped , rejoices the eye and soul. That is, where you can not only live, but also relax and play sports.

Our company EICO has been engaged in the construction of buildings, houses for many years and, using the experience gained, builds exactly what modernity requires .

An example of our professionalism is beautiful and durable houses with cozy apartments in the best area of Ulyanovsk on the Aquamall Quay, enjoying a well-deserved high rating. All customers who signed a contract with our company were very pleased with the result . Turnkey built and still built not only houses and apartments, we carried out landscape gardening, complete improvement of the built-up area. For car owners introduced a large number of convenient parking spaces, playgrounds will soon be mastered by the little owners. Future champions will grow up on the sports fields.

Reliability and high quality are the basis of our construction

Every customer wants to get a guaranteed excellent result of construction. EICO is such a guarantor. Many years of experience in building turnkey and landscaping of yard areas allows you to make such a statement.

Having entrusted us with work, you do not need other organizations: our specialists will carry out all the work from the delivery of materials to planted trees and shrubs independently in the best world traditions. Thanks to modern technology and excellent materials, our homes are the standard of reliability and quality. Full compliance with regulations, compliance with the construction of sanitary and environmental standards makes the housing we have built comfortable and completely safe for health. In modern Europe, you will not find such beauty next to the elegant residential high-rises, which create our landscape designers. The Aquamarine Residential Quarter is a prime example of our excellent work.

Build with us - fulfill your dreams!

Building a modern house with an individual and free layout, along with EICO, is to get a previously known result that customers and future tenants will be happy with.

Works performed

What are we doing:
Landscaping, playgrounds, driveways, parking, gardening, planting trees and plants. Construction of houses
Plans for 2022:
Construction progress:

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, ul. Ablukova, next to Aquamoll, the embankment of the swine

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Construction progress February 2022
Construction progress May 2021
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