Multi-storey building №2 (Ilyushin Boulevard)

Full glazed windows of a 16-storey apartment building

Multi-storey building №2 (Ilyushin Boulevard)


Beautiful windows are the eyes of a house that show a person the world. And these are not lofty words, it is a reality that has become so ordinary that people often do not notice simple windows. Mankind has become accustomed even to the panoramic windows, so they entered modern life.

And a lot depends on the quality of the window and how it is installed. And each of us will immediately understand the value of all functions performed by the window.

We really hope that the residents of the apartment building number 2 on Ilyushin Boulevard are satisfied with the quality of the work done. EICO received a contract for the full glazing of this house and fully coped with the task set .

We have done all the work accurately and on time according to all technical standards. And now the house looks at the world with large, clean eyes - windows, where each handle, each glass packet is made of high-quality materials and meets all safety requirements.

All wizard!

Do not believe ?! This is about us, generalists. Our team consists of competent and experienced staff, who are capable of any tasks.

Works performed

What is done:
full glass windows

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, New Town, Ilyushin Boulevard 2

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