Residential complex "Lilac"

Construction of a residential complex of 7 modern, monolithic 24 houses

Residential complex "Lilac"


Time is moving forward fast. Our construction company carefully follows the latest news and achievements in the world of construction and tries to match the latest trends. In-depth market analysis and monitoring of the requests of potential tenants give us a great advantage over competitors and the opportunity to turn into reality an object that will meet many important criteria:

  1. reliability
  2. tight construction deadlines
  3. environmental friendliness
  4. modernity
  5. high quality
  6. multitasking
  7. increased level of complexity of the object

Comfort, convenience of location and high quality are the main requirements that future owners impose on modern residential complexes. The residential complex "Lilac" meets all the above requirements, the advantages and advantages of which it is impossible not to notice:

  1. rich infrastructure
  2. scenic view from the windows
  3. clean ecology
  4. good location
  5. great opportunities for its residents

Rich experience and modern approach to work in the construction of residential complexes allowed the company "EICO" to realize a huge number of large-scale objects, which are characterized by:

  1. reliable, wear-resistant and durable structures
  2. increased comfort
  3. diverse infrastructure
  4. excellent ecology and stunning views of natural objects
  5. a unique design solution
  6. rich saturation of various communications
  7. good territorial location
  8. the maximum level of well-being of the object.

The company "EICO" is not only the efficiency and timeliness of the implementation of the construction of the object, but also taking into account the individual needs of the customer, which are the basis of each successfully completed construction. Many years of experience in the construction of multi-storey buildings, large-scale projects and carrying out activities for the improvement of adjacent territories on a turnkey basis.

We build – you enjoy! Allow yourself everything and even a little more with the company "EICO"!

Works performed

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, Zavolzhsky district, Lilac Ave.

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Construction progress august 2021
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