Kindergarten (18 Livanova Ave.)

Construction of access roads to the modern kindergarten

Kindergarten (18 Livanova Ave.)


Kindergarten №100 "Flying ship" in Ulyanovsk was built at the end of 2015. The building is bright, warm and equipped with modern furniture and equipment. An interesting model of child development has been created using TRIZ technologies to solve inventive problems. Here, with full responsibility, they approached the creative development of children. But the access roads to the kindergarten would be better.

Having received such a contract, EICO specialists also decided to use these methods, approached the task of building ways more systematically and creatively. As a result of the search for the optimal solution and the well-coordinated work of our professionals, from May to November 2018 we have completely laid all roads that facilitate access to the building.

Quality materials, exact adherence to all technological processes ensure the safety of the web in good condition for a long time.

Work with the soul, work creatively

It is these slogans that form the basis of our work, so we always have an excellent result! By entering into a contract with EICO, you can be confident in timely and high-quality work. There are enough examples on our site and this object is one of such.

Works performed

What is done:
construction of access roads to the kindergarten
Start of construction:
may 2018
End of construction:
september 2018

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, New Town, Livanov Avenue 18

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