Governor's Lyceum №100

Complete improvement and greening of the territory of the governor's lyceum №100.

Governor's Lyceum №100


Over the past twenty years, the first new super modern educational institution opened in Ulyanovsk. More than 1,000 people joined the ranks of the lyceum students in November 2018. Here they will not only study the general education program, they will bring up comprehensively developed people in the lyceum, for whom excellent concert and dance halls, various laboratories, studios and circles are provided.

But the development of children takes place not only in the walls of the building. The company "EICO" received a contract for complete improvement and landscaping of the territory around the governor's lyceum . From June to November 2018, we are fully equipped with access roads, which allows you to easily and safely bring children to classes and take them from there. On the wide tennis courts, future Sharapovs will probably train, and the modern stadium and racetracks will raise new Olympic champions. On the sidewalks and bicycle lanes you can take active walks, all of them are not inferior to European in quality and magnificent views.

Already in spring, the area around the lyceum building will delight with excellent greenery and good planning, cleanliness and freshness. Future change will grow in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere created by the hands of our highly skilled craftsmen.

Works performed

What is done:
Accomplishment, driveways, cycle paths, vertical layout, landscaping, tennis courts, stadium, jogging tracks, sidewalks, blind areas of the building
End of construction:
november 2018
Start of construction:
June 2018

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, Zasviyazhsky district, South-West microdistrict, Europe quarter

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