Business center "Trekhgornaya manufactory"

Reconstruction of the building triglora manufactory under the Business Center on the street. Rochdelskaya, near Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment

Business center "Trekhgornaya manufactory"


One of the major objects that we are truly proud of and cherish is the Business Center, the former “Three-Mountain Manufactory” or the famous “Three-Hill”, founded in 1799. The name "Trekhgornaya manufactory" is associated with Moscow for more than 200 years and is its historical heritage.

The total area of the building is 16,000 square meters, so we were treated with a high degree of responsibility and skill . The best forces and administrative resources of the company were sent there because it would be very difficult to cope with such a really large amount in such a limited time.

We reconnected to the reconstruction of this grand building along Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow in November 2018, the planned completion of work is March 2019. By this time, the Trekhgorka building will be transformed into Business Center with a modern filling in the “old shell” and will become a real decoration of the city, not only outside but also inside.

We carry out all types of finishing work on the 1st and 4th floors. Spacious and bright office space with leveling floors will be covered with carpet tiles, which will significantly reduce the noise level. Suspended soundproof ceilings provide a calm atmosphere, and ventilation and smoke removal devices will create comfort and safety for both employees and visitors of the business center.

GCR, painting work is carried out only by specialists with extensive experience and with the help of quality materials. Modern office layout and panoramic windows create the right working atmosphere for large companies and the bank.

Works performed

Total construction area:
16,000 m2
Start of construction:
november 2018
End of construction:
march 2019
What are we doing:
All types of finishing works under the key. The device leveling floors with a covering of carpet tiles, gypsum plasterboard, molar work, the device of suspended sound insulation ceilings, ventilation and smoke removal.
construction material
work plan
interior decoration
office rooms

Address of the construction object

Moscow, st. Rochdelskaya 15c1

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