Road street Ustinova

Capital construction of the road according to the federal program. 36000 sq.m. 2017-2018

Road street Ustinova


The company "EICO" in 2017-2018 was built a modern road on the street. Ustinov according to all norms and correspondences. The rapidly developing area of the city, in which the road along Ustinov Street became a necessity for all residents. The road was built in the shortest time and immediately fell in love with the inhabitants of Ulyanovsk.

Along with the road were built: storm sewage, maf, wide sidewalks, tactile tile for blind in places of pedestrian crossings. LED lighting device.

Works performed

Building material used on site:
Crushed granite M1000-1200, limestone crushed M400-600, Asphalt Coarse-grained M2 7 cm, Asphalt Coarse-grained M1 6 cm, Asphalt fine-grained type B2 5 cm, pipes "Pragma", reinforced concrete wells, galvanized lighting poles
Additional construction work:
Arrangement of stops, laying storm sewerage, road lighting device, marking
Total area of asphalt pavement:
32 500 m2
Total length:
1.3 km
Asphalt paving
course of construction
photo of construction
sand bedding
gravel, curbs
rainwater drainage pipes
construction of storm water drain
photo from road construction
road construction

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, Zavolzhsky district, st. Ustinov, from Novaya Street to the intersection with Generala Tyuleneva Avenue (Park Pribrezhny)

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