Ulyanovsk wind farm. 2 turn.

Landscaping, foundation and construction of temporary roads. 2018 year.

Ulyanovsk wind farm. 2 turn.


Mills that use wind power have been known for a long time, using them to grind grain and get flour. Over time, people began to use wind energy to generate electricity, and wind power stations appeared. Modern wind farms include up to hundreds and even more wind turbines, which are combined in a common network. One of these wind farms was built in Ulyanovsk.

The company "EICO" is fully involved in the construction of this important area for the object. The launch of the 2nd stage of the wind park became one of the great events of 2018 . And we can proudly announce that the complete improvement, the construction of temporary roads and the foundation of the visor in the whole of this vast territory was carried out by our forces.

Each employee of the company is able to use experience and existing knowledge, learn new things and use all this in their profession, and Ulyanovsk wind park is evidence of this. We did much of what we had to build for the first time, but the excellent ability to learn and acquire the latest technologies and skills , apply them in the construction process, led to an excellent result. At the beginning of 2019, the wind farm will be ready for delivery.

Participation in the construction of the “anchor region of the Russian wind energy industry” proves that we can entrust any object at any stage. We are working

  1. - honestly
  2. - securely
  3. - in good faith.

Works performed

Address of the construction object

42/5000 g. Ul'yanovsk, nedaleko ot sela Krasnyy Yar. Ulyanovsk, near the village of Krasny Yar.

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