Road st. Yeremetsky

Capital construction of the road according to the federal program. 20,000 sq.m.

Road st. Yeremetsky


Everyone knows how much depends on what road we drive.

Our company has entered into a contract for the capital construction of a 20,000 square meter road along the Eremetsky street in Ulyanovsk.

The work was carried out in 2018. And now high-quality, perfectly made asphalt roadbed pleases every driver with its smooth surface.

Road construction work can not be attributed to the light - it is hard physical labor, requiring full impact. A quality road is built only when the following factors are present:

  1. - highly qualified, competent staff
  2. - quality materials
  3. - excellent technology and modern technology.

The building material used at the site is:

Crushed granite M1000-1200, Asphalt Coarse-grained M2 7 cm - 6 cm, fine-grained B2 type, 5 cm, reinforced concrete wells and other materials were only of excellent quality, which allowed us to make a reliable road and guarantee its quality for a long time of operation.

Turnkey road

In addition, the company "EICO" along the roadway installed galvanized lighting poles, laid storm sewers, equipped parking spaces and made markings. Build with us and you will be assured of a great result!

Works performed

Date of construction:
Building material used on site:
Crushed stone granite M1000-1200, Asphalt Coarse-grained M2 7 cm - 6 cm, fine-grained B2 type, 5 cm, w / w wells, galvanized lighting poles
What is done:
Laying of storm sewer, lighting device, marking, parking places, asphalt, turnkey road
road construction
asphalt laying

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, Zavolzhsky district, st. Yeremetskogo, area from Livanov Avenue to Prospect Gen. Tulenev

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