Road street Zirina

Capital construction of the road according to the federal program is 24000 sq.m.

Road street Zirina


A ride with the wind is probably the dream of every young driver. And every owner of the vehicle is dreaming to ride safely.

Specialists of the company "EICO" are proud that they had to participate in the federal program for the construction of the capital road in one of the developing areas of the city of Ulyanovsk. The highway canvas, made by the masters of their craft with the help of the latest technologies and ultra-modern technology, blends in well with the transport structure of the district.

The shortest construction time, uninterrupted work have taken another step forward in the development of our city, since good transport arteries are undoubtedly dynamic, active and fruitful life of the whole city, and not just the district or quarter.

24,000 square meters of smooth roadbed has become popular among residents, and we have the opportunity to say that the quality of the work done brings joy not only to those around us, but also to ourselves.

The road to the future is the road from EICO.

To live in an area where there is a good road, convenient traffic intersections and parking, the lot of not all people. But they want it all. We can help bring this dream to fruition.

Works performed

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, Zavolzhsky district, st. Zyryna, from the crossroads with the Sozidateley street to the intersection with Leninsky Komsomol street

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