Internal electrical work

Electrical work

Are you looking for a contractor who quickly and efficiently performs all electrical work at the facility? Contact the company "EICO"! Extensive professional experience in the construction industry and qualified personnel allow us to carry out wiring in Ulyanovsk, even on large-scale objects of varying complexity.

What do we offer?

You can contact us in any situations when electrical installation is necessary:

  1. at a large housing project;
  2. at an industrial facility — in the factory floor, in a warehouse, in a laboratory, etc .;
  3. in an office building;
  4. in a shopping or entertainment complex;
  5. at a sports facility.

We will perform all work on laying electrical wiring, repairing electrical networks, replacing broken wires, with quality and in a short time .

Our Warranties

If you contact EICO and order the laying of electrical wiring in an apartment building or any other building, you will receive a high level of service from one of the most reliable contractors in the Ulyanovsk region. To each of our clients, we guarantee:

1. Electrical work from a company with experience in the construction industry for more than 10 years. Over the years we have acquired modern construction equipment, formed a team of high-class professionals. We have a large number of completed projects , among which there are orders from both individuals and large organizations. Turning to us, you trust a contractor with an excellent reputation and successful experience in the implementation of complex tasks, including the installation of electrical wiring in Ulyanovsk.

2. Comprehensive approach to order fulfillment . We are ready to install the building's electrical networks from scratch or repair existing communications. If you need to separate the wiring around the house that was just handed over by the builders, we will work on your project or compose it yourself in accordance with modern technical requirements.

3. Loyal pricing for wiring installation. We not only try to earn ourselves, but also offer our customers ways to save money. So, thanks to direct cooperation with companies that produce high-quality electrical cable, we acquire materials without intermediaries on favorable terms for the customer. Therefore, the price for the work on the installation of electrical wiring in our company will be lower than in most other organizations working in Ulyanovsk.

Contact - our specialist can leave for consultations and inspection of the object at a convenient time for you.

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