Laying of external power supply networks (up to 10 thousand volts)

Outdoor networks

EICO company implements projects of any degree of complexity on the construction of external electrical networks with voltage up to 10 thousand volts . You can order by phone the departure of our consultant to the site to inspect the area and clarify details. All work on the installation of power lines in Ulyanovsk perform turnkey, in a short time and at a high level of quality.

What do we offer?

Our company has extensive experience in the installation of power lines - for more than ten years we have been performing such work. All these years we have been trying to develop and comprehensively improve the level of skill. Our efforts have yielded results: today EICO enjoys the authority of a reliable contractor trusted by large organizations in the Ulyanovsk region.

Having addressed us, you can order a wide range of works on installation of the air power transmission lines. It:

  1. preparation of an individual project for electrification of an enterprise or a residential building;
  2. coordination of the plan in the controlling instances;
  3. installation of power transmission poles in accordance with the project;
  4. production commissioning of external power grids.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

In our professional activities, we try to offer our clients favorable terms of cooperation. Therefore, contacting us, you can rely on such guarantees as:

1. The conclusion of the contract for the provision of services, which prescribes the technical requirements for the installation of transmission lines and the timing of the work. Our specialists strictly comply with all the provisions of the contract, prepare and present estimates and other necessary reports to the customer.

2. A complex approach. Our company is ready to implement the full range of measures for the electrification of the object, both outside and inside. By contacting us, you can completely close the question related to electrical operations.

3. We work in different areas. We take the connection to the electrical network of a residential complex, a factory building, a trading floor and any other object.

4. Loyal prices for the installation of power lines. We directly cooperate with manufacturers of materials necessary for the electrification of the building. Due to this, the cost of installation of transmission lines in our company is available and adequate.

If you need a reliable contractor with extensive experience and an excellent reputation in the construction industry - contact EICO!

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