road repair

Repair of motor roads

Bad roads are a common phenomenon in our life, which spoils the mood and "kills" cars. Despite periodic repairs, asphalt coating always leaves much to be desired, as many companies use cheap materials and are almost not puzzled by quality. To prevent this from happening, it is extremely important to choose a reliable contractor who values his reputation.

Repairs qualitatively and quickly! Interested in quality repair of public roads? Please contact EICO. We have accumulated a lot of experience in this field and cope with the tasks of any complexity. We can order:

1. Overhaul of highways with full restoration of road surface. It is required when road sections do not meet the requirements of road traffic.

2. Pit (emergency) repair. Our specialists very carefully repair the damaged areas, paying attention not only to the upper, but also the underlying layer. Therefore, we always give a guarantee for road repair.

3. Laying of asphalt in narrow passages and in yards. In our arsenal there is a necessary technique that allows to solve such problems at a decent level.

4. Finishing the sidewalks. In the process, we use high-quality materials and tools. As a result, the sidewalks not only look beautiful, but also withstand intensive exploitation for many years.

Our Advantages Responsible approach to the implementation of each order provided the company "EICO" the reputation of a serious and conscientious contractor. We repair roads of categories IB, IA, II, III and others. Having our own fleet of modern equipment and a staff of qualified employees allows us to perform work not only in a short time, but also at a high quality level.

There are other corporate standards that our company adheres to:

• compliance with all applicable standards and technology requirements;

• No overpayments (budget approved in advance);

• warranty repair of roads;

• use only quality materials that have been tested in practice; • control at all stages of work.

To get advice or apply for our services, you can call the number listed on the website. For your convenience, order a callback, and an operational response will not be long in coming.

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