A country house in the classical style in the village of Druzhba 2

Private construction on a turn-key basis.

A country house in the classical style in the village of Druzhba 2


Pay attention to this manor, because to call it just a luxurious house will be sacrilege. Country house with an area of ​​600 squares, built by us in a classic style, is located in the village of Druzhba 2 near Ulyanovsk.

Dizzying silence, plenty of sun and clean air will be constant neighbors in such a house.

Comfort is not a luxury, but a state of mind.

Building each house for yourself is the motto of our company. Therefore, our houses are cozy, comfortable and very beautiful. And the fact that the construction uses environmentally friendly high-quality materials: brick, wood, etc., makes it completely safe for health and comfortable for permanent residence.

High windows give a lot of light, the magnificent layout is thought out to the smallest detail, which gives the right to say - this is a big and warm family nest, which more than one generation will be proud of. The interior decoration is made according to the design project taking into account the wishes of the customer , such an environment gives the desired calm atmosphere for a peace of mind.

Manor is not just a house.

The house is a pearl that resides in a gorgeous shell, surrounded by internal territory that is easy to turn into a fairy tale.

An excellent pool and a warm, cozy bath - turn a fairy tale into reality. After all, on a spacious open veranda it is so nice to sit after a bath with a cup of good strong tea brewed with mint, currant leaves and raspberries, gathered in your own beds. For family members and friends, a equipped playground , where you can warm up while waiting for barbecues.

And for comfortable use of all these benefits, our professionals are equipped with excellent tracks, automatic watering, and the necessary wells.

Dreaming is not bad when dreams come true!

You can become the owner of such a magnificent country house together with EICO. Quickly. Conveniently. Reliably

Works performed

What is done:
Land work includes: excavation, leveling the site. Basement "turnkey", the foundation of the device, formwork, concrete work. Brickwork of the box of the house, carrying out the light on the site, roofing and its insulation, plaster, painting, facade "turnkey", the device water supply (drilling and supply pipes to the house), the device water purification system, sewage, heating (floor heating) , gas supply, ventilation, all types of interior decoration, + bath with turnkey swimming pool
Location on:
Gardening, automatic watering of the site, planting plants, paths, paving laying, plastered fences around the site, driveways, alarm.
Start of construction:
2016 year
End of construction:
end of 2017
Total construction area:
about 600 m2 with a bath
Preparing for the installation of windows
preparation for warming

Address of the construction object

Modern private house, Ulyanovsk, Druzhba 2

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