Elari Head Office

Turnkey work on the design of the Elari head office

Elari Head Office


One of the recently completed facilities is the ELARI headquarters office . Here the whole complex of turnkey works was completed. We carefully dismantled the old unnecessary structures, finished, installed glass partitions, ceilings, and the floor. We carried out all the necessary engineering communications - electrics, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. An office low-voltage network, a control system and a fire alarm system were also organized.

In the shortest possible time, the office was completely ready to receive employees and resume work.

ELARI did not choose us as a contractor for a reason. The principles of work and the life philosophy of our firms are largely similar.

The customer is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wearable electronics - smart watches, smartphones, mobile routers and other gadgets. Like our partner, the construction company EICO practices a reasonable approach to life and work, taking care of others, improving quality and optimizing the cost of services.

Features of work on the object:

  1. when performing finishing works the most modern technologies and materials were applied;
  2. we completely excluded the participation of intermediaries, all work was performed by our own qualified specialists;
  3. materials were procured directly from reliable and time-tested suppliers with cost savings for the customer.
  4. Previously, the interior design project was completed and agreed, taking into account all the wishes of the future owners, as well as the functional features of the office.

    Using the example of this facility, we have once again proved that we have everything necessary to complete a full range of turnkey works of any complexity - professional working staff, modern equipment and accessories, skill and desire to work!

Works performed

Total construction area:
800 m2
What are we doing:
All types of turnkey finishing works. Dismantling, decoration, glass partitions, air conditioning, communication networks, heating, installation of a control system, fire alarm, recording studio.

Address of the construction object

Moscow, st. Rochdelskaya 15c27

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