Kindergarten №183 Green Planet

Improvement of the territory of a new kindergarten, construction of access roads

Kindergarten №183 Green Planet


Caring for children lies on the shoulders of not only the parents and the state. Every citizen should think about our future generation and contribute to the treasure in their healthy and calm development, both physical and moral.

Our company was fortunate enough to perform work on the construction of playgrounds for outdoor games, so that the kids of kindergarten No. 183 "Green Planet" had the opportunity to actively but safely spend their time during walks.

The most securely conducted device gaming modules, so that there are no unforeseen situations. Each group of the kindergarten has its own improved plot, on which gardens will bloom already this spring and lawns will turn green. A large sports field was created in compliance with all standards and will allow you to play sports and hold competitions with your parents.

Build with us and you will always win!

The company "EICO" paid great attention to access roads - they will bring the most precious thing - children.

We started construction work in May 2018, by September we had a complete improvement and landscaping of the entire territory, vertical planning. We think that parents, children and employees are pleased with the sidewalks.

Reliability, safety and responsible attitude are the main criteria in our work.

Works performed

What is done:
Construction of playgrounds for outdoor games, installation of game modules, sports ground, access roads, landscaping, vertical layout, sidewalks, complete landscaping
Start of construction:
may 2018
End of construction:
september 2018

Address of the construction object

Ulyanovsk, New Town, Microdistrict Volga Quarters

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